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From: Chris Farrell
RE: Membership Profits

Hello – Chris Farrell here in Los Angeles, California.

And I'd like to share with you what is the BEST BUSINESS MODEL out there.

I have 2 words to say to you.

Membership.  Sites.

Having your own Membership Site is the best thing you can do online.


Well my headline would be -- Recurring Income Cannot Be Beaten.

The beauty of a Membership Site is that we have regular, stable, recurring income – meaning that our customer is worth a lot more than just a one time sale. And that’s important.

Because what amazes me in business is that most people just focus on trying to get more sales.  ‘Get more sales – get more customers’ – that’s all you hear most of the time.

You very rarely hear anybody talk about exploring the possibility of allowing customers to make REPEAT purchases.  That’s where we should be focusing.

And that's exactly what I have for you here in Membership Profits.



So...Who Is Membership Profits for?

Membership Profits is for you if you are a:

....................• An info marketer

....................• A product creator

....................• A small business owner

....................• An entrepreneur

....................• An affiliate marketer

....................• Or if you simply want more leads and/or more sales at your own website

Here's Exactly What
You'll Get Inside Membership Profits

Membership Profits is separated into 4 Modules

  • Module 1: Creating Our Membership Site
  • Module 2: Content
  • Module 3: Getting Members
  • Module 4: Keeping Members

Module 1:  Creating Our Membership Site

In Module 1 we will create your entire Membership Site step-by-step.  This means we will create a Sales Page - a Password protected Member's Area - we will set up your payment processor and configure everything correctly.

By the end of Module 1 you will be able to start making sales!

  • Video 1: Welcome To Module 1
  • Video 2: Membership Site Creator Tool
  • Video 3: 3 Components Of Our Membership Site
  • Video 4: Creating Our Membership Site Begins...
  • Video 5: Our Membership Site Control Panel
  • Video 6: How to Add Content
  • Video 7: How To Take Payments
  • Video 8: Creating a Payment Plan
  • Video 9: Configuring the Sales Page
  • Video 10: Putting It All Together!
  • Video 11: Creating a Custom Sales Page
  • Video 12: Additional Options

Module 2:  Content

In Module 2 we will go through STEP-by-STEP how to
create eye-popping, high-converting CONTENT for your member's area:

  • Video 1: Content Introduction!
  • Video 2: Content Structure
  • Video 3: Core Content
  • Video 4: Supplementary Content
  • Video 5: Creating A Customer Avatar
  • Video 6: Content Format
  • Video 7: 4 Steps To Creating Perfect Content
  • Video 8: How to BUY or LICENSE Content
  • Video 9: How Often Should You Add Content?

Module 3:  Getting Members

In Module 3 we will look in detail at GETTING MEMBERS.  I will share with you step-by-step tactics and strategies to add a consistent stream of new and regular members to your Membership Site

  • Video 1: Welcome to Module 3
  • Video 2: The Big Secret!
  • Video 3: List Building
  • Video 4: Incentivizing Visitors to Sign Up!
  • Video 5: Your Nurture Sequence
  • Video 6: Webinars
  • Video 7: Creating Public Content
  • Video 8: JV Webinars
  • Video 9: Integration
  • Video 10: Affiliates
  • Video 11: Bonus

Module 4:  Keeping Members

In Module 4 we will cover how to KEEP MEMBERS.  Many Membership Site owners 'just' try and get new members all the time -- whereas the secret to a successful Membership Site is to add a few simple Retention Strategies.

  • Video 1: Welcome to Module 4
  • Video 2: Creating a Welcome Video
  • Video 3: Creating A Guided Tour
  • Video 4: Getting Started Instructions
  • Video 5: Small Victories Fast
  • Video 6: Building Anticipation / Themed Months
  • Video 7: Be Unpredictable
  • Video 8: K.I.S.S.
  • Video 9: Pain of Disconnect
  • Video 10: Be Active and Present
  • Video 11: Final Words

If you would like to have your own Membership Site that generates a regular and residual online income - then Membership Profits is for you.

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